We offer affordable rates starting at just $0.30. (not a typo..)

It is important for any brand to keep their name relevant, even after business hours which is why companies spend spend so much money on marketing. Today, technology has made it where you no longer have to have a huge budget to spread the word of your comany and or product. WHLR Hotline Radio knows how important this measure is for any company looking to increase awareness and revenue possibilities.

With WHLR Hotline Radio reach up to 360,000 listeners a month with your message, call to action and information about your product with our desktop, Smart TV and mobile application for both MAC and PC, IOS and android, you no longer have to purchase multiple packages to gain the same access as major corporations. Just supply a recorded adspot or your script and one of our hosts/deejays will gladly put together a fitting commercial voiceover for you for a small fee. Once submitted, you will have a custom ad spot returned for your approval before airing.

So if you are looking for affordable advertising without hidden fees or fixed algorythms then we are the right people for you to come to.

Have a look at some of our packages below. We also offer payment plans for all budgets. As always if you are in need of a customized campaign, feel free to contact us to help put it together.


Over the last decade, listenership of online radio has increased over 36% worldwide which means your potential customers have expanded at a larger rate and social media and online radio is their new go to for products they are interested in since they can most likely purchase from their phones and or desktop.


Our demographic serves 18 - 54 year olds, male and female, students and workers and lovers of urban entertainment. Though we are based on the east coast, technology allows us to be heard globally. This helps you reach a larger audience to introduce your product to.


We now offer social media management for those of you who do not have the time to manage your own online presence. Reach over 50,000 live, active and responsive twitter, Instagram and Facebook followers. What we offer is more than just posting a image or text, we get people involved so that you can receive actual feedback, growth reports and SEO reports and more.